Preventing and Controlling the Spread of Infection

Workshop Overview

Illness Management and the prevention and control of the spread of infection forms a critical part of a property’s Health & Safety Management System. This certificated programme, endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, has been developed to give housekeeping staff a foundation level of knowledge for preventing and controlling the spread of infection in hotels.

Once there is an illness outbreak, the spread of infection from one person to another can occur in numerous ways. This course outlines the controls and procedures that can be put in place or reinforced within the property to reduce this risk, and quickly bring sickness levels back to normal.

Key Topics

Preventing and Controlling Infection
The importance of preventing and/or controlling the spread of infection, and the consequences of poor control

Identifying Common Infections
The characteristics, signs and symptoms of common infections found in hotels, such as Norovirus and Cryptosporidium

Personal Hygiene Standards
The importance of personal cleanliness, hand-washing, and health & illness reporting

Cleaning, sanitation and chemical knowledge
The practices in maintaining hygienic premises & equipment, chemical handling, dilutions, application times, storage and safe disposal

Infection Control procedures
The importance of a structured and systematic approach to infection control, including:

  • Identifying the signs of a potential infection in a guest’s room
  • Illness reporting and monitoring
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures during a suspected outbreak, including guest room cleaning
  • Handling & separation procedures for soiled linen or linen from a suspected area of infection

Delivery and Cost Information

This is a customised programme that has been approved and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality. On completion, each participant will be assessed and if successful awarded a certificate by Springboard Caribbean, endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

As a strategic educational partner of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, Springboard Caribbean will deliver this course at any CHTA member’s property or at the properties of associated NHTA members. This course is delivered to a minimum of 20 participants.

This unit is completed during a single day (6 hours), or can be split across 2x 3 hour sessions to best suit the client’s requirements (e.g. during changeover of shift). If split, it is recommended that this unit is delivered on consecutive days.

Subject to the provision of a suitable venue and refreshments by the client or relevant NHTA, the price for this one-day workshop is $73 USD ($195 ECD) per participant. CHTA member properties are entitled to a 20% discount. This includes tuition, course materials and certification.

For more information or to register your interest, please contact Springboard Caribbean today.