Natural Disaster Risk Assessment for the Hospitality Industry

Workshop Overview

This two-day capacity building workshop is highly practical and specifically designed for property owners, managers and supervisors in the hospitality and tourism industry. This workshop provides attendees with the knowledge, skills, techniques and practical tools to complete a natural disaster risk assessment. Attendees will learn to best use their available resources to reduce the risk of harm to guests and employees, and limit the economic damage to their business from natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods, landslides and earthquakes.


Natural disasters are having a devastating impact upon the Caribbean, most recently evidenced during the catastrophic 2017 hurricane season. Caribbean hospitality properties are frequently constructed adjacent to attractive scenic locations (eg: mountainous and coastal regions). Though attractive to their guests, these locations are usually the most at risk from natural disasters.

Property owners and senior management are well aware that taking the correct precautionary steps prior to a natural disaster event, such as undertaking a proper risk assessment and implementing a disaster management strategy, can significantly reduce the potential harm, loss of life and property damage during an event. However, many are overwhelmed by the process and not sure where to start. This is further complicated by the increasing demands made by tour operators in this area.

This workshop is designed for hoteliers, GMs, maintenance/engineering managers and department heads. Through a series of simple to use tools and methods, attendees will learn to assess the potential impact of natural hazards and complete a natural disaster risk assessment for their property.


  • Attendees will understand the areas they must prioritise and focus their resources on to reduce the risk of harm to guests and employees, as well as minimising economic damage at their property or within their area of responsibility.
  • Attendees will learn key assessment data that can be used to complete their disaster management strategy.
  • Attendees receive an Excel vulnerability assessment tool that they can be taken away and used at their property.

Key Topics

Undertaking a Natural Disaster Threat Assessment
Identification of all potential natural hazards, their potential to become a “disaster”, and an evaluation of the likelihood, frequency of occurrence, location and severity.

Completion of Vulnerability Assessments for Key Facilities
Evaluation of the potential vulnerability to damage and potential impact of loss for each of the key areas/buildings/facilities at the specific hotel/resort.

Risk Analysis
The use of a risk matrix to evaluate the probability of harm, level of loss and the potential level of risk from a given natural disaster. Also a discussion on the qualitative and quantitative determination of the level of risk.

Risk Management
The key management decisions to be taken in reducing vulnerability and/or transferring the risk to lower the various levels of risk, including emergency preparedness and response plans.

Risk Communication
The importance of an effective risk management communication plan, including what to communicate and when.

Delivery and Cost Information

This is a two day, highly participatory workshop that uses a relevant case-study to involve, fully engage and motivate participants. In parallel to the case-study, participants will use an Excel spreadsheet tool to build vulnerability assessments for the specific facilities at their own properties. They will be able to take the tool away with them for further development once back at their property. Please note, each participant should bring a laptop equipped with Excel 97-2003 or later.

Subject to the provision of a suitable venue and refreshments by the client or relevant NHTA, the price for this two-day workshop is $295 USD ($796 ECD) per participant. This includes tuition, course materials and certification. This workshop is delivered to a minimum group size of 20 participants.

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