Management and Leadership Development

Programme Overview

Springboard Caribbean, the strategic educational partner of the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, provide a comprehensive range of management and leadership development workshops. Participants gain the knowledge, tools and techniques required to identify and address performance gaps in their organisation, while creating a structured path to career progression and promotion.

Each training workshop has been contextualised for the Caribbean hospitality industry, and is internationally recognised and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality (IoH). The IoH are the professional membership body for hospitality managers, with members in over one-hundred countries. Each unit is delivered in a relevant and practical way, enabling participants to immediately apply what they have learned back in to their workplace.


All units of this certificate programme can be individually completed and certificated. The complete Certificate in Management and Leadership is awarded upon completion of six units (five compulsory units, and one elective). It is recommended that one or two units are undertaken each month, and consequently the qualification can be completed in three to six months.

Below you will find further details of each unit in the Certificate in Management and Leadership programme. Please click on each module for further details, or contact us for more information.

Training Modules

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential to Drive Business Performance

Improve your performance as a leader by exploring the concept and importance of leadership. As well as other leadership styles, you will examine your own preferred style of leadership and it’s impact on the team. You will also learn about organisational culture and motivation, and the role they play in driving business performance.

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Using Strategy Execution Methods to Effectively Deliver your Business Goals

This workshop helps you to build the organisational alignment of your management team. Provide Supervisors and Managers with the knowledge and tools they need to turn organisational goals into departmental and individual priorities, goals and objectives. Explore the most effective way of communicating those priorities, and measuring successful delivery.

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Developing a Customer Service Culture to Create Competitive Advantage and Business Growth

Identify the hallmarks of excellent customer service, and explore the organisational and individual factors that underpin an excellent customer service culture. This course helps you to identify key actions, and develop implementation plans and measures to create the required culture in your organisation.

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How to Interpret Key Financial Statements to Improve Your Bottom Line

Build your confidence and knowledge in financials and operations. This workshop uses real world examples to demystify the three key financial statements most commonly used in Caribbean businesses.

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Understanding the Importance of Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty

Develop your ability to better understand your customers and their expectations of the services you provide. Learn how to apply the basic principles of marketing to improve your chances of acquiring and retaining customers.

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Building High Performing Teams Through Effective Performance Management (Elective)

Learn what teamworking is, the psychology of teams, and the required building blocks to create a fully functioning and high performing team. Learn how to implement an effective Performance Management System, including how to set and deconstruct goals, how to provide ongoing feedback, and how to undertake effective appraisal interviews.

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Improving your Management Systems to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Achieve Regulatory Compliance (Elective)

Gain an understanding of Quality Management Systems, and how they help your organisation to consistently meet customer requirements, industry legislation, and regulatory compliance demands.

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